The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Minack Theatre, near Land's End, occupies a stunning location on the side of a Cornish cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. At 3.30am in April, the core of the Milky Way can be seen rising over the stage. This image comprises a stack of 65 RAW files (all identical in composition), of which 47 were light frames of 20 seconds at f/2 and ISO 6400, one was a light frame of 20 seconds at f/5.6 and ISO 1600 torchlit and 17 were dark frames of 20 seconds at f/2 and ISO 6400. So this image represents 22 minutes of exposure time. It shows how stacking multiple exposures increases the detail and quality of the final image. Thanks to The Minack Theatre for providing access between 1am and 4am.