Rainbow, Mawddach Estuary

I do not usually have much luck predicting rainbows but here I succeeded. The weather pattern for much of the day was clear skies over the west coast of Wales and rain inland over the mountains of southern Snowdonia. I knew that the sun would drop below 42 degrees height soon after 4pm, giving the possibility of a rainbow. I also knew from a previous visit that around 5pm BST the sun aligns with the south-west orientation of the Mawddach Estuary. So I went to Panorama Viewpoint, overlooking the estuary from above Barmouth, at 4pm and waited for an hour. Sure enough there was my rainbow, perfectly positioned in the north-east above the estuary and its surrounding mountains. Needless to say, both Sarah (the model) and I got drenched during the taking of this photograph.