Milky Way and Perseid Meteors

Celestial fireworks and our galactic core viewed from a cove on the Dorset coast on the last evening of my Milky Way and Jurassic Coast Photography Tour. Superb clear skies over Lulworth Ranges revealed the glory of the Milky Way and dozens of Perseid meteors. Rich in magnesium and glowing green as they burn up on entry to Earth's atmosphere, there are nine meteors in this image (though they are not all easy to see against the bright background stars). This photograph comprises 21 light frames taken just after 11pm for the sky, each of 20 seconds at f/2 and ISO 6400; 10 dark frames of the same exposure; one exposure of 20 seconds at f/2 and ISO 100 for the foreground taken at 9.30pm; and eight frames (out of more than 700 exposed between 11.30pm and 1.30am) of 8 seconds at f/2 and ISO 6400 for the meteors. The tripod was not moved throughout so all elements are shown where I saw them. If you are interested in finding out more about this tour, it was reported nationally on ITV Regional News.