Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful
Macro photography opens up a fascinating world of wildlife, including many subjects close to home. This talk demonstrates techniques for making striking images of butterflies, dragonflies and other insects, orchids and fungi including composition, depth of field and controlling light, as well as how to find and identify the subject.
Each talk comprises approximately 150 high definition images and comfortably fills a two hour programme (inclusive of a 20 minute break midway).
I bring my own high definition digital projector. All my talks focus on showing great images as well as explaining the thinking and planning that went into them.
The fee per talk is £120, plus travel charged from Avebury at 45p/mile. All my presentations are also available by video link using Zoom, at the same fee with no travel cost.
To book please contact me.


"Your presentation last evening to members of the Association was filled with detailed information, and presented a range of images that made a story of your own journey in photography, fittingly concluded with ample and brilliant examples of your own style. Your skill in photography is matched by your fluency with words and an empathy with your audience, to which all responded very positively. Thank you very much for this and for sharing with us such a comprehensive gallery of British landscapes, as well as a full outline of approaches to achieving success in our own photography. I think members will have left with kindled enthusiasm and plenty of information to support their own work in landscape. You have indeed made your mark in the north of England and I hope we may be able to welcome you again in the future." Britain's Best Landscapes and How to Photograph Them, Francis Annett, Chair, North Yorkshire and South Durham Photographic Association

"A quick note to say how much I enjoyed your presentation at our conference. Both very informative and interesting. Thanks very much." Stand Well Back But Go In Close - Why Use Telephoto Lenses in Landscape Photography? Mark Reeves, Vice Chair, Royal Photographic Society Landscape Group.

"I was congratulated for booking you and another member said it was the best talk we'd had! There were a lot of images there that will stay in my mind over time and it is always welcome when a speaker tells us some of the technical details ... Thank you once again for a perfectly timed, excellently presented evening." (In The Desert) Sue Watts, Programme Secretary, Chichester Camera Club

"That really was an exceptional evening - not just was your presentation 'Top Drawer' but the material presented was outstanding." (Photographing Wiltshire) Stuart Lewis, Chairman, Sodbury and Yate Photographic Society.

"I am an event photographer and have never taken a decent landscape photo in my life but I found your talk so interesting and inspiring that it's made me think I would like to have try . I can honestly say that it is one of the best talks I have been to and I was amazed by the quality of your photos and you were so generous with your advice. I was sitting at the back and I could see how people were enjoying the talk. Everyone was engrossed. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon." Britain's Best Landscapes and How to Photograph Them, Helen Jones, Western Counties Photographic Federation Vice President

"On behalf of WCPF we would like to thank you so much for your excellent Talk yesterday. As you know it went extremely well and proved we made the right decision to delay the Talk, so that we could have a large live audience to enjoy it." Britain's Best Landscapes and How to Photograph Them, Eddy Lane, Western Counties Photographic Federation

"On behalf of all of us at WPC, thank you for a wonderful presentation yesterday evening. It was a great pleasure to welcome you back, in person, to our Club. You showed us a magnificent portfolio of images, and we appreciated your explanations of how you determined the exact time, and state of the tide, in order to obtain the image you set out to achieve. We were all impressed! I hope we will see you again before too long." (By The Sea), Keith McEwan, Programme Secretary, Wallingford Photo Club

"Many thanks for tonight’s presentation - it was very well received by our membership and provided a thoroughly entertaining evening as well as an insight to the world of macro photography." (Small is Beautiful), Tim Ramsay, Treasurer, Chesterfield Photographic Society

"I like to thank you again for entertaining and educating us in such a polished manner ... Had a brief thumb through your book last night and I am already enthused with a couple of locations ... I will be in touch again for another of your talks later in 23." (Photographing Wiltshire) Steve Field, Programme Secretary, Bristol Photographic Society.

"Thank you once again for your excellent talk on Thursday. Members commented on how it was a refreshing change and very much more than a talk on landscape photography. It was an education, which we all appreciated and, judging by the number of people buying your books, all the additional information and details you provided has peaked everyones interest in knowing more." (Photographing Wiltshire) Helen Otton, Programme Secretary, Bishops Waltham Photographic Society.

"Thank you once again for an amazing evening showing us your showing us your wildlife images. I know you have inspired my natural history group by their comments last night ... Its good to have all the camera setting on your images and the helpful comments as well." (Wildlife for all Seasons) Chris Couch, Programme Secretary, Maidstone Camera Club.

"Thank you again for an excellent presentation last night. I received comments that it was the best presentation ever seen at the Club and we will certainly look forward to seeing you again in the future." (Photographing Wiltshire) Robert Carpenter, Programme Secretary, Newbury Camera Club.

"Once again may I thank you on behalf of our club for the presentation that you gave to us this evening, it was truly outstanding ... I have also passed on to our members this email. I had already made our members aware of your website and have had several admiring comments from them." (Landscapes for All Seasons), Ron Taylor, Secretary, Birkenhead Photographic Association

"Thank you on behalf of all the members for an excellent presentation on Friday evening. With your stunning images you showed us that a winter landscape is far from being empty, bare or even boring. Members especially appreciated your sharing of how, where and when the images were taken; lots to learn for some of us." (Winter Photography), Anjalika Baier, Programme Secretary, Frome Wessex Photographic

"Again a big thank you for a magnificent presentation. It is so reassuring to be dealing with such a professional.... makes my job so easy." (By The Sea), Suzanne Johnson, Programme Secretary, RPS Western Region

"I loved your images of coast around Britain and really learned about composition, lighting and also the meticulous planning and preparation you have to do to capture a pleasing image safely. I have read a lot about composition but this time I actually understood it." (By The Sea), AC, RPS Western Region

"Thank you very much for a fantastic talk yesterday ... I have watched many such talks from the RPS and Gray’s (I’m Nikon). None has even approached what we were treated to yesterday. The images were stunning and you gave so much detail and advice – it was an inspiring two hours." (By The Sea), TW, RPS Western Region

"I have watched quite a few Zoom sessions organised by the RPS over the past year or so and this one was by far the best and most useful I have seen." (By The Sea), GG, Guernsey, RPS Western Region

"Thank you for the talk you gave to Worcestershire Camera Club on Tuesday ... It was a superb talk and the images were fantastic. In my view, it was the best we have had for quite a while - fascinating facts about the county." (Photographing Wiltshire) RS, Worcestershire Camera Club.

"A big thank you for your marvellous presentation on Wiltshire.
Really enjoyable and so informative both historically and photographic wise. My husband, a 'Moonraker' by birth ... watch[ed] the second half and was blown away, even getting quite nostalgic." (Photographing Wiltshire) VD, Worcestershire Camera Club.

"On behalf of everyone at the talk last night - very many thanks. I’ve had some excellent feedback. People (myself included) thought your images were stunning, that you had some very entertaining stories around the images and how you made them, and really enjoyed your overall presentation style. A few members have said things like “I didn’t realise I could try that with my camera” so I’m hoping we’re going to be getting some night sky images in our next competitions!" (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Richard Watson-Hoy, President, Bury Photographic Society.

"Excellent presentation and some really stunning pictures of the landscape/sky this evening." (Understanding the Universe) Peter Chappell, Programme Secretary, Wiltshire Astronomical Society.

"A very enjoyable evening, with very impressive images and useful advice on how to approach photographing the sky and landscape at night." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) John Shuttleworth, Programme Secretary, Jaguar Photographic Society.

"Thank you for such an informative talk and stunning images. You are very modest…. there is a lot of skill, art, craftwork and a lot of patience in the images you showed…. we all appreciate that. Anecdotal feedback on the Zoom chat line last night was very positive from members … I’m sure you will on our target list for speakers in the future." (Photographing Wiltshire) Ray Buckland, Chairman, Thatcham Photographic Club.

"Thank you to you and the committee for organising the guest speaker last evening. I think he must rate as one of the best if not the best, guest speaker I can remember, with his collection of brilliant images and fascinating narrative. I really enjoyed the evening." (Photographing Wiltshire) Member, Thatcham Photographic Club.

"On behalf of Kilkenny Photographic Society I would like to thank you for a wonderful evening of astrophotography. A brilliant informative presentation thoroughly enjoyed by all club members. Your images were both superb and inspirational. Your knowledge of the subject was truly impressive. Congratulations on your first "international" presentation which, may I say, was a resounding success." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Bernadette Kelly, Programme Secretary, Kilkenny Photographic Society.

"Many thanks for your talk last night which was very well received by our members and guests. I have tried my hand at macro and it is certainly one of those things that is a lot harder than it looks, so I could really appreciate just how good your images are. I also greatly enjoyed your knowledgeable comments on the natural history of the invertebrates, fungi and plants that you had photographed - a context that is sometimes missing but which adds so much to presentations." (Small is Beautiful), Nigel Holmes, Programme Secretary, Reading Camera Club

"Just to let you know we really enjoyed your talk ... We will be sharing on Monday with Bracknell Camera Club how instructive and motivational the talk was." (Small is Beautiful), DP, Bracknell

"Thank you for the talk last night. Certainly opened my eyes as to what one could do with standard kit and accessible locations. Wonderful pictures too: I’ve had a lot of comments on them. A lot of the locations you showed are standard fare for us here, so once we can get around, we can do a bit of stumbling ourselves. Brilliant and I have had a lot of emails back from others assaying how much they enjoyed it too. Zoom doesn’t really do rounds of applause, but please accept one virtually." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Meyrick Griffith-Jones, Programme Secretary, Wincanton Camera Club.

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation to the club tonight – some amazing and varied images, supported by an encyclopaedic background knowledge. I thought the pace was just right and it was an enjoyable journey." (Stumbling Around In The Dark, video lecture by Zoom) JB, Exeter.

"Very impressive, inspirational and informative talk. My interest in astro has been waning recently and your images have lit a burst of for less restrictions and cloudy skies!" (Stumbling Around In The Dark) PM, Exeter.

"Thank you so much Robert - what an amazing portfolio of images you have, and so much knowledge of our beautiful county! I’m so pleased that it is still a bit of a hidden gem. Some quotes from the group for you: 'I was very impressed with Robert’s presentation. Loved the way he planned his shots around the county. So it’s all about the light and the timing to get the light!' 'Roberts knowledge was outstanding and great images.' 'A great presentation yesterday evening! Thank you for organising it.' " (Photographing Wiltshire) Angela Norman, Programme Secretary, Marlborough Photography.

"Tonight was thoroughly enjoyable. Your images were stunning and made all the more interesting by you sharing how you had taken them. Your knowledge of the skies was amazing! Science made interesting! Many thanks." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Maureen Anderson, President, Queen's Park Camera Club, Glasgow.

"Thank you for another great evening on Thursday. A wonderful selection of images with plenty of technical detail to accompany them and a lot of planning required. Two that stick out in my mind is the ISS in the sky over the bridge and the panoramic with the four planets visible.... [Members'] comments such as ‘One of the best speakers all year’. ‘Great photography’, ‘That was brilliant’. All in all your presentation was enjoyed by everyone." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Steve Cann, Penwith Photographic Group

"Thank you for such an information packed presentation last night. Your images were very inspiring and wonderful to see."(100 Steps to Excellence), Carla Morris, Treasurer, Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club

"Many thanks for your email, your presentation on Monday, it was amazingly good and very appreciated by our Club members which some members left some feedback/ lovely comments that i would like to share with you : An absolutely mind-blowing presenter tonight! ... Totally agree absolutely brilliant and outstanding images ... Absolutely stunning images and a really entertaining speaker ... His knowledge of his subject was amazing ... Very knowledgeable speaker with some true stunning photographs. I really loved the flowers ... An awesome presentation. Would love to see Robert yet again presenting one of his other topics ... A brilliant presentation again from Robert Harvey. He is so knowledgeable about his photography, techniques and subjects ... It always gives another dimension to a presentation of images when the presenter is clearly extremely knowledgeable in both their craft and the subject matter. Excellent ... what a presentation and the depth of knowledge Robert has, totally awesome," (Small is Beautiful), Ana Taylor, Syllabus Secretary, Livingston Camera Club

"Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday evening. The presentation was excellent and the images fantastic and of exceptional quality'" (Winter Photography), Paul Hopes, Programme Secretary, Downend Camera Club

"Your images were simply stunning and your detailed knowledge of the stars/planets etc very, very impressive. I think you will have whetted members appetites regarding astrophotography. Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into this presentation." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Hilary Bailey LRPS, CPAGB, Chairman, Amersham Photographic Society

"Thank you also for a really enjoyable evening. Some great images with amazing detail. I thought the eclipse was amazing as were some of the space station! It is very obvious that you are very knowledgeable on your subject and spend a long time planning and researching, this really pays off in the quality of the images! Brilliant!" (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Chris Rogers, Programme Secretary, Ashford Photographic Society

"Thank you once again from our members for a most enjoyable evening last night with lots of cracking images. I like the way you remember all the names of the places you have been and you knowledge of your subjects in a credit to you. So hopefully we can see some more of your work in the near future." (Winter Photography), Chris Couch, Programme Secretary, Maidstone Camera Club

"I had the pleasure of listening to your talk to my camera club (North Cheshire Photographic Society) in Poynton Cheshire ... For me it was one of the highlights of our 20/21 programme. It was a terrific presentation and you appeared so relaxed on Zoom; I know that's not an easy task when there is little or no feedback." (Landscapes for All Seasons), Bruce Kendrick, North Cheshire Photographic Society

"I would just like to say a big thank you for your most interesting talk at our camera club last night, it was most informative and gave us all something to inspire to. I look forward to attending your future workshops." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Graham Bailey, Ashford Photographic Society

"Thank you for giving us such of feast of wildlife photography last night. Our members enjoyed your excellent and varied images with a well-informed commentary. Your enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject shone through." (Wildlife for All Seasons), Rose King, President, Newark & District Photographic Society

"Thank you so very much for this evening. You have shown us some wonderful inspiring images and I particularly liked the way you structured your talk, that worked really well. It was great to see local work too and to gain some knowledge of the different locations you visit. I got a really good sense of what makes you tick as a landscape photographer and I shall certainly put your book on my Christmas list ... we hope to see you again sometime in the future, hopefully in person." (Landscapes for all Seasons), Anna Dagger, Programme Secretary, Backwell Camera Club

"Thank you for the talk on Monday evening, it was a big success. After you left the members stayed online and were buzzing with your images, dedication and your personality." (Winter Photography), John Sammonds, Programme Secretary, Isle of Thanet Photographic Society

"We had a great talk last night at Isle of Thanet Photographic Society from Robert Harvey ... The subject of the talk was 'Winter Landscapes' and as well as being enthralled by his fantastic images, we were also blown away by the level of detail and preparation that goes into achieving these images. It was a stark reminder that great images don't just happen by chance. Robert demonstrated his commitment to his art time and again, with examples of waiting 4 hours in sub-zero temperatures for just the right light! I can only say, it was worth it! A great evening." (Winter Photography), Laura Drury, Isle of Thanet Photographic Society

"A fabulous presentation covering so may aspects of not only Wiltshire but also photography ... Your commentary added so much to the photographs so although the images themselves told a story, the narration gave added value ... Many thanks for a most enjoyable, inspiring and informative evening." Photographing Wiltshire) Tricia Kendrick, Programme Secretary, Pyle and Porthcawl Photographic Society

"Thank you for the presentation you made to our members last night in Frodsham. I have heard nothing but praise from the members & committee. ... you really engaged the membership which made the evening go past in the blink of an eye. Lots of technical information and also lots of inspiring images that everyone loves." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Ian Stanley, Programme Secretary, Frodsham & District Photographic Society

"Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed last night's presentation to F&DPS. Informative, inspirational, and stunning images; thoroughly enjoyed it. Talking with colleagues today I know I'm not alone amongst the membership." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Peter Edwards, Competitions Secretary, Frodsham & District Photographic Society

"Thank you very much on behalf of all Southampton members for your wonderful presentation last Monday. I know we were all enthralled with "By the Sea" and your amazing images. Members said it was one of the best talks they've seen. Your knowledge of where and when to go depending on the season and time and tide is exemplary." (By The Sea), Roger Creber, Programme Secretary, Southampton Camera Club

"It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Your images were simply stunning and a joy to behold. They clearly demonstrated what is achievable if one is prepared to put in the time, effort, and research into a shoot, and of course the skill." (Winter Photography), Ken Blease, Secretary, Moore Camera Club

"It was an excellent evening and we enjoyed your many great images. You introduced us to a number of innovative approaches to by the sea photography, especially the much photographed scenes. I particularly liked your Durdle Door panoramas. Whether I have the energy to research, plan and travel to the extent you do is a different matter!
... So thank you once again and we look forward to further talks from you in the future." (By The Sea), Peter Perkins, Chairman, Portishead Camera Club

"If ever you need an example of a speaker we might not have got but for Covid or to extol the pros of Zoom to avoid a long distance for the speaker here was it. ... I thought he was terrific. All those explanations for his set-up approach to the shot he had in mind." "Very many thanks for delivering an excellent presentation." (Landscapes for All Seasons), Bernie Rowlands, Programme Secretary, North Cheshire Photographic Society

"Your talk and superb photography last evening was inspirational Robert. Thank you so much." (Small is Beautiful), Esther Gallimore, Programme Secretary, Andover Camera Club

"Very many thanks indeed for a most interesting and informative presentation this evening. I’m sure everyone will have been impressed and inspired to get out with their cameras. You must have endless patience. I enjoy my humble efforts at macro but find the insects move too quickly for me and even then I really don’t know their names let alone in Latin!" (Small is Beautiful), John Woolgar, Programme Secretary, Ringwood Camera Club

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, a great selection of images composed and edited perfectly, with an interesting storylines and great technical detail to go with them. [Our club] enjoyed the evening and found your talk inspiring, several members have said best presentation they have seen so far." (Small is Beautiful), Steve Cann, Programme Secretary, Penwith Photographic Group

"It really was an inspiring and fascinating talk this evening. All your friends in the club were so pleased to see you again. As I said your breadth of knowledge is truly amazing. I’ve learnt so much. Giving details of your camera settings and which lenses you used was extremely useful. Hopefully we can put all we’ve learnt into practice immediately for our current topic of Wildlife - Garden/Urban. I hope to join one of your tours in the future." (Small is Beautiful), Maureen Robinson, Programme Secretary, Adderbury, Deddington & District Photographic Society

"Extremely inspirational as always, your talks never disappoint. I’m always so impressed at your breadth of knowledge and meticulous planning." (Small is Beautiful), Neil Grantham, Website Co-ordinator, Adderbury, Deddington & District Photographic Society

"Thank you for the amazing presentation last night. Truly enjoyed by all members that joined the meeting. Some members left some comments / feedback that I would like to share with you.
'I thoroughly enjoyed Robert's talk tonight. As Clare said, a diverse set of excellent wildlife images all superbly supported by an interesting narrative.'
'Absolutely brilliant images and an excellent presentation. Really enjoyed it. Loved the owls and insects.'
'Excellent stuff!'
'Robert Harvey … great talk and images. Good Choice ,,, Zoom is fantastic for getting to know work of far distance photographers.'" (Wildlife for All Seasons), Ana Taylor, Syllabus Secretary, Livingston Camera Club

"A perfect presentation for the current times … Robert’s presentation was very well delivered and most informative with specific details about camera settings and techniques with stunning photos…. After an evening of wonderful photography we were certainly inspired by Robert’s ‘Small is beautiful’." (Small is Beautiful), Christine Chittock, Programme Secretary, Exmouth Photo Group

"Thank you for your presentation to our camera club yesterday. After we have had a visiting speaker, I always ask the members of our committee for their feedback. All of them made very positive comments: not only about the excellent photography but also about your encyclopaedic knowledge of wild flowers and insects. And they all said that would like to hear another of your talks." (Small is Beautiful), John Innes, Programme Secretary, Solihull Photographic Society

"On Sunday June 7th the Western Region was treated to an exceptional presentation “Small is Beautiful” by Robert Harvey. With expert photographs of wild life and flowers, often taken in his own garden, we were not only given the inspiration and motivation to take advantage of our immediate surroundings but also given a huge range of tips on how to approach our subject, which settings were best, which equipment we would need …. even which month of the year and what time of the day is the prime time to capture the best photograph. Robert’s photographs are exceptional and absolutely brilliant." (Small is Beautiful), Suzanne Johnson, Western Region, Royal Photographic Society

"Thank you very much for presenting your talk over zoom yesterday evening. I know the membership enjoyed the evening as did I. Great images and great detail. Often speakers don't explain how the images are taken and the setting used. This made your talk stand out and lifted the lid on the knowledge, commitment and techniques needed." (By The Sea), Ian Hargreaves, Programme Secretary, Bath Photographic Society

"Thank you for a very enjoyable evening and a wonderful set of photographs. Stumbling about in the light I trip over enough objects but doing it in the dark would bed quite impossible, but being able to see your photographs about what is there, was a wonderful experience." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Robert Charnock, Treasurer, Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society.

"Thank you for the talk that you delivered to our club on Monday night. It was full of beautiful and inspiring images backed up with the technical information that made us all feel that we could and should get out there and have a go. There were quite a few moon pictures on our club facebook and whats app groups after your talk."(Stumbling Around In The Dark) Karen Taylor, Programme Secretary, Kingston Camera Club.

"Thank you for the excellent talk last night. It certainly sparked lots of conversation afterwards when club members hung around for an online chat." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Bill Pilkington, Programme Secretary, Hebden Bridge Camera Club

"Thanks for such an inspiring and educational presentation at Hebden Bridge CC yesterday evening. In fact it was so inspiring that I thought I would have a go with my crop sensor Fuji and a 16mm lens and went out in the garden right after your talk." (Stumbling Around In The Dark) Roger Styles, Hebden Bridge Camera Club

"On behalf of the BWPS committee and members thank you for such an interesting and informative evening yesterday with so much excellent information regarding both the creative side of winter photography as well as practical and factual data about the creation of your images. As expected your images were simply amazing. As our chairman, John, said in summing up this was the best talk we have ever had and many of our members came up to me afterwards to reiterate that message. We would certainly be most delighted if you were able to come back and give another talk to members." Rona Bassett, Programme Secretary, Bishop’s Waltham Photographic Society

"For me your talk was the highlight of our current programme. I have enjoyed macro photography for many years and looking back on my copious notes on the technical details of your images, I am not doing everything wrong but at the same time I have a lot of catching up to do to produce such beautiful images. Your detailed descriptions of how and where you took your photos will stay with me and has inspired me to go out and try techniques such a focus stacking and using macro flash – and also to get up earlier to capture the morning light. Thank you very much for coming to Stroud again and giving us a thoroughly professional, fascinating insight into macro photography." Chris Tracey, Programme Secretary, Stroud Camera Club

"Thank you for travelling in such bad weather to give us a splendid evening of imagery and inspiration. My, I was stunned by the quality of your work. My only negative comment was, that at times I wondered if I would ever be able to produce even one image that could be compared … I am sure we would enjoy listening to you again some time. Again, thank you for visiting us and may you continue to enjoy your photography to please yourself and inspire others." Eric Dore, Programme Secretary, Wallingford Photographic Club

"We all much enjoyed your landscape presentation last Thursday evening and I hope you have inspired us to get out of bed somewhat earlier than usual to catch the much more rewarding early morning light. You had a number of 'whow' factor images from all over the UK which I'm sure have done really well in the competitive arena." Paul Sievers, Newbury Camera Club

"Thank you so much for your talk to members earlier this month. We were intrigued to learn how you planned and created your garden from scratch, illustrated by your wonderful photography which enabled us to visualise what you achieved. I look forward to your return to Alderbury in the future with another of your talks." David Marshall, Alderbury and District Gardening Association

"May I say how much I was inspired by your talk 'Stumbling around in the Dark' last September. Nothing will ever come close to for variety & quality of images & clear helpful explanations. I hope to take my copy of "Photographing the Heavens" with me on my next trip to Burnham Lighthouse." Evelyn Groundsell, Programme Secretary, Portishead Camera Club

"Thank you for the fantastic talk you gave to LSPS [Leamington Spa Photographic Society] last week. I found it absolutely amazing and would love to start taking astro photography." JC, Coventry

"A great talk, interesting and informative supported with stunning images. A very enjoyable evening." Steve Buesden ARPS, Bracknell Camera Club

"On behalf of Farnborough Camera club I would like to say a big thank you for coming along to talk to us last week. I think everyone enjoyed your talk and it surely must have given people inspiration to get out and about during the coming winter months. There is so much to learn in photography and so knowledge gleaned from people like yourself is always a good thing. It was a great evening so thank you again." Pat Svanberg, Programme Secretary, Farnborough Camera Club

"Robert spoke to Bath Photographic Society on Tuesday 4 June. The aim of the society is to promote the art and science of photography. Robert certainly did that. This excellent talk demonstrated the dedication, experience, planning, technique and knowledge required to produce his magical images of the night sky." Ian Hargreaves, Programme Secretary, Bath Photographic Society

"On behalf of the Society, I want to put on record how appreciative we are of the scrupulous care you put into judging our Annual Print Competition last night. It was clear from your comments how much attention to detail you had paid to every image and I know the entrants, myself certainly included, valued your supportive insight and advice. I hope you did not find the whole process too gruelling and hope we will see you again at BPS before too long, either as judge or lecturer." David Alderson, Competition Secretary, Bristol Photographic Society

"Thank you for coming to see us and share your ideas on the Art of the AV. It is good to hear how AV presentations develop. It is easy for us to enjoy the outcomes without realising the care and skill given to creating such. It was very informative and well appreciated by fellow members. The quality of your images were stunning." Robert Tarlton, Programme Secretary, Salisbury Camera Club

"On behalf of my club thanks again for your presentation ‘By The Sea’, Everyone enjoyed the talk and I know all of them went away with ideas for the near future. Also everyone was blown away by the pictures" Jackie Worlock, Programme Secretary, Lincombe Barn Camera Club

"My thanks for an inspirational talk showing some excellent images. There were some very useful tips I picked up which even as an experienced photographer, I picked up on." Peter Weaver, Programme Secretary, Hanham Camera Club

"Thanks very much for your talk to us .... you could probably tell from the silent moments that the audience were in the palm of your hand. Excellent talk, just as we expected from you. One of the highlights of what's been a good season for us. I particularly liked the way you explained how you planned your photo outings, with the right lens and other equipment, and get down low to the subject - a lesson for all of us ... The garden setups were fascinating - and I expect that some of us will try out some of your inventions." Geoff Chalcraft, Programme Secretary, Steyning Camera Club

"Thank you for coming to give Hilperton Gardening Club such an interesting talk last week. It was indeed a labour of love to create such a lovely garden and I don’t think many of us realised how much thought and work goes into such a big project! Many thanks for your time! Hopefully we will get you to come and give us another of your talks." Mary Anderson, Secretary, Hilperton Gardening Club

"I'm writing on behalf of the Club to thank you once again for your impressive presentation to us on Tuesday. The combination of your outstanding photographs and a fascinating commentary made for a most enjoyable evening's entertainment for all present, from whom the feedback has been nothing but positive. We do hope you will be able to return to Newton Abbot before too long." Chris Brown, Chairman, Newton Abbot Photographic Club

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation on Friday, it was informative and illustrated with great images. Several members commented that it was the best presentation at the club for a number of years." Joe Suitters, Chairman, Corsham Camera Club

"A fabulous enjoyed by every member! One of the best talks on the camera club circuit!" Annie Blick, Stroud Camera Club

"Thank you for coming and giving your talk it was really well received amongst our members. I found it really inspiring." Sue Dyson, Mid-Somerset Camera Club

"Sorry for the delay in thanking you for the excellent evening you gave us last Tuesday. I delayed this so I could let you have the result of my straw poll as promised. The weighted average was 9.1 out of 10. Members certainly want a return visit ... Once again thanks for a really good evening." David McKay, Programme Secretary, Oxford Photographic Society

"Many of our members have commented on your talk to our horticultural society & stated how much they enjoyed your presentation, knowledge & the quality of your slides." Maureen Winkworth, Kennington Horticultural Society

"Thank you for a wonderful talk last evening – stunning photographs and a really interesting commentary. You were a great hit with all the members. I’ve already had a lot of feedback telling me how much they enjoyed the evening. It was one of our best and much appreciated." Nicola Bennetts, Bitton Garden Society

"Robert gave an inspirational talk last night at Stroud Camera Club about Winter Photography. Some of the best landscape shots I have ever seen. Wellies on then! Who’s coming out in cold weather with me?" Angela Rendell, Stroud Camera Club

"I must re-emphasise how much we all enjoyed your contribution to the Dorset weekend and how grateful we have been for your selfless commitment. Of course we would like to welcome you back." Andreas Klatt, Royal Photographic Society Visual Arts Group

"The quality of your work was absolutely amazing and so interesting. Many were talking about the sharpness and general quality of all the shots as they were clearing up last night." Neil Robertson, Lambourn Camera Club

"Thank you so much for your wonderful talk last Thursday - each and everyone of your images was stunning. For me, I think the fact that I recognised most of the places you showed but you put your own spin on each photograph, made the evening so interesting. Everyone there enjoyed your talk very much." Esther Gumn, Programme Secretary, Andover Photographic Society

"Thank you for a most interesting talk illustrated by your spectacular photographs. I don’t think I have heard so much positive feedback from members in the eight years I have been involved with the association. I think your talk opened the eyes of many of us to the beauty and diversity of the county we live in which is there for us to see if only we looked." David Marshall, Speaker Liaison, Alderbury and District Gardening Association

"I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the club for the magnificent job you did last night for us. We hadn’t given you an easy task by any means but you did every image justice and no-one would argue over your final choices. Your depth of knowledge and considered judgement was very valuable to everyone who entered the competition and those who didn’t (including me) also very much appreciated your comments. Many thanks once again." Val Brierley, Dorchester Camera Club

"A quick note to thank you very much indeed for your talk last night on “Landscapes for all Seasons”. All images were absolutely wonderful. I’m sure I speak for all our club members when I say the evening was very inspiring!" Neil Grimshaw, Programme Secretary, Highcliffe and Infinity Camera Club

"I’d just like to thank you for your excellent talk for our club. The images were stunning, as we’ve come to expect from you and the background information, including all your meticulous planning was of the highest order. I know from conversations with members that the whole package was very much appreciated.You’ve certainly given us loads to think about the next time we venture into similar locations and weather conditions. My challenge now is to find a suitable date for your next visit with an appropriate seasonal focus." David Dyer, Programme Secretary, Sodbury and Yate Photographic Club

"On behalf of Stratton Camera Club and myself, I'd like to extend a sincere thank you for sharing your stunning images and your extensive knowledge with us last night. The sheer amount of commitment and planning that you put into your work is outstanding and the feedback has been amazing - we are all looking forward to seeing more of your work - I do hope you will visit us again, in the near future." Lesley Hunt, CPAGB, Secretary, Stratton Camera Club

"Thank you for making the effort to get to us last night in the weather .. Brilliant presentation with some stunning photography." Shaun Little, Programme Secretary, Cirencester Camera Club

"Thank you so much for a varied, interesting and inspiring evening with your talk 'Stumbling around in the dark'. As Ian our Chair said it was wonderful to see so many 'stunning' images and they certainly were. You had obviously done a lot of research to source potential sights for your photographs and then worked out the best time of day to secure fantastic shots of the night sky. You were able to back up your talk with your impressive knowledge of celestial bodies and this helped to give a context to your photography. We were given a grand tour of many different places across the world but it was good to see your results from this country as well so that members could view possible locations to try out whilst your talk is fresh in their minds ... Altogether you showed us that it is worth planning ahead, having endless patience and then some luck with the weather conditions. Your timing for your illustrated talk worked very well. Talking to many of our members I know that your talk was very well received and has inspired members to try out astrophotography themselves. It was wonderful to hear one member say "That was the best photographic talk we have had from the club." Also to hear from another member that they were unsure about whether to come to your talk and then they were so glad that they had as they thought it was fantastic. So finally thank you very much for a superb evening." Christine Chittock, CPAGB, Programme Secretary, Exmouth Photo Group

"On behalf of all of us at WPC, thank you very much for your splendid presentation last night. You showed us some truly amazing images of the natural world, by day and by night. Many of us had been to some of the deserts, but your images revealed these landscapes in (literally) a different light." Keith McEwan, Programme Secretary, Walllingford Photographic Society

"What a great evening you gave us last Thursday, I just wanted to write and thank you on behalf of all the club members. Your judging was superb - you gave informative and very fair judgements on each photograph, from which I am sure we all learned." Esther Gumn, Programme Secretary, Andover Photographic Society

"I believe I speak for many in saying we really enjoyed your talk and thought that many of your images stunning. You more than made the case for shooting in low winter light, not to mention stormy weather. Most of us enjoy landscape photography, perhaps because it's often where one starts when progressing from holiday photography. The apparent ease and accessibility of landscape work mask the nuances of planning, patience and working with the light, so only a small minority go on to regularly make outstanding images in this challenging genre. Your talk, evident propensity to plan and work with the weather, seasons and light were an object lesson and inspiration to the majority who perhaps still aspire to the excellence that you demonstrated." Richard McCleery, Cheltenham Camera Club

"As an International judge and regular salon entrant I thought your landscapes were fantastic. Our styles of photography are like chalk and cheese, but you set me a first class benchmark to improve my landscape photography ... Once again thanks for a great night. Best Wishes Colin Harrison FRPS FBPE FIPF MPSA MPAGB MFIAP APAGB EFIAP/d1" Colin Harrison, Cheltenham Camera Club

"Robert, I must thank you for sharing your wonderful images of such beautiful and interesting birds. I know that my wife and I found your presentation very informative especially with regard to taking images of birds in flight. I am sure that all of our members who were present had enjoyable and quite remarkable evening. Again, many thanks and best regards" Richard Veitch, Programme Secretary, Horndean Camera Club

"Many thanks for attending our Photographic Club last Thursday ... everyone really enjoyed your lecture and one long standing member (who joined in 1968) told me it was the very best set of photographs he had ever seen at the club in all the time he has been a member!" Esther Gumn, Programme Secretary, Andover Photographic Society

"On behalf of Hanham I would like to reiterate the appreciation shown by the club on the evening of your visit. Everyone enjoyed your landscapes immensely. People are still coming up to me weeks later to thank me for inviting you. I found your photographs of the Lake District especially interesting." Les Ford, Hanham Photographic Society

"Many thanks for your very informative talk and picture display yesterday evening. The photographs were stunning! I was asked to write and express the members’ collective appreciation of the evening and, again, for coming to us at such short notice." Brenda Boyd, Blunsdon Village Gardening Club

"Thanks very much for your talk last night at The Vale of Evesham Camera Club. Your stunning photographs were accompanied by some very useful advice about the best time of day and year for certain shots. I thought that you were very generous in the background information to your photos that would have helped everyone in the club to improve their work. I would like to invite you back for next year to talk about your nighttime photography in more detail. I will be in touch in the near future to try to organise this." Tony Young, Vale of Evesham Camera Club

"I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful evening at BPS yesterday. The quality of your images shone through and we all learned so much about the mammals that you described. I'll pass your name on to my successor as PS at the club so that we can invite you again in the future. With thanks and kind regards" Derwood Pamphilon, Bristol Photographic Society

"I wanted to thank you so much on behalf of the U3A in Kennet for coming to give us your WONDERFUL talk on The Seven Wonders of the Natural World yesterday ... I met up with several members at the Coffee Club this morning, who all agreed that it was a fascinating topic, well delivered, and the photography was of course, absolutely stunning." Jenny Oakshott, U3A in Kennett

"Brilliant evening of AVs and how to tackle them at Dorchester this evening.. and especially for me as I have had the fortune visit all but one of the places you showed..Pantanal, only one missing, now on the list... if I had the necessary equipment for wildlife photography! The superb photography has made me want to go back and revisit my images and see how I can improve.. should I be lucky enough to get another chance to SW Canyons, Yellowstone or Galapagos.. but at least I can go to The Jurassic Coast, Cornwall and Stourhead! Thank you for an inspiring evening." Jane Tearle, Dorchester Camera Club

"Many thanks indeed for a most informative talk. Your photographs were truly exquisite. I have already had feedback to say how much the WAGC members enjoyed their evening with you! I know you must have put a lot of hard work into your talk which was much appreciated!" Beverley Wallis, Widcombe Association Garden Club

"On behalf of Salisbury Camera Club, I would like to thank you very much for the talk that you gave to the club last night. The photography was stunning, as were the locations to which you took us. I’m sure that many of the trips to photograph dunes, mesas, arches, buttes and hoodoos in such remote locations at the ‘proper’ time of day was at considerable cost not to mention personal risk. I suspect it takes quite a bit of nerve as well as planning and scoping trips (in daylight) to walk to places like those in such rugged terrain, at night. If your wife is your sole companion and kit-carrying assistant, she must be extremely understanding! ... Thank you again – and I will do as the Chairman Peter Woodhouse suggested and put you down on the longlist for a return visit next year, if that is OK. Jeremy Court, Salisbury Camera Club

"On behalf of us all at KPS may I thank you for coming to Bristol last Friday and for giving us such an interesting and enjoyable presentation. We were most impressed at the effort you put into getting your images, especially those that involve very early starts. The thought of leaving home early enough to travel to the Somerset lavender fields for the dawn light and then to be back home and in bed before your wife was awake was most impressive – I don’t think too many of us will be emulating you! We enjoyed seeing your images and listening to the commentary which went with them and especially the “tips” which went with the latter. Again many thanks Robert for a most enjoyable evening in your company." Geoff Nash, Kingswood Photographic Society

"Thank you so much for your excellent presentation last night. You treated us to superb and inspiring images backed up with a great commentary which was never ‘heavy’ but explained all we needed to know. Some of the sequences were fascinating, where you had gone back time and again to the same location to capture the image you knew you wanted. Such dedication and passion clearly pays off, as shown amply in your Associate Panel prints. All your pictures communicated great sensitivity to the atmosphere and mood of each place – I was particularly impressed by your amazing pictures of the storms, which in many cases must have taken some courage to achieve! Very positive feedback from club members came immediately and is continuing to do so. The presentation went down extremely well with the club." Jill Pakenham, Princes Risborough Photographic Society

"Thank you for your recent visit to Keynsham Photographic Society. We enjoyed seeing your beautiful images of, mostly, the English landscape.We were guided throught the seasons; light conditions and the times of day. Your planned and thoughtful approach to acquiring this body of work was extended to the presentation which made the technical information you gave very easy to follow. A very enjoyable evening!" Linda Horne, Keynsham Photographic Society