2010 Articles

Brownsea Island


Weekend on Brownsea Island, perfect when it is closed to day visitors. Sika deer, water voles, avocets and of course red squirrels for company. I photographed this one from my portable hide, pausing on its way to a nut feeder. ...more

Stourhead in Autumn


Completed a two-year project "Stourhead: A Garden for All Seasons" this evening with a few minutes of low sun casting fantastic light on the gardens at their glorious best below a stormy sky. The light could never have been predicted, as a landscape photographer, you just have to be there. ...more

Red Deer Rut


Chasing red deer, last weekend in Richmond Park with my neice Kate and today in the more remote environment of Exmoor. Their russet coats look magnificent in autumn sun, especially set against Exmoor's golden bracken. Photographed a full range of rutting behaviour into the bargain. I didn't know that jackdaws have taken up a role as tick birds in Richmond Park - it's like an African safari! ...more



Stayed two nights in the restored 13th century castle on Lundy, a wonderful island in the Bristol Channel. Perfect weather for images of sunrise, morning sea mist, the wave-lashed west coast, sunset at the Old Battery and moon rise behind the Old Lighthouse. ...more



I spent the evening in Amberley Woods with a bag of peanuts. This badger came out to play when it was too dark to see him. My location on a bank below the sett entrance gave an eye-level view. I used a torch to focus and a flash extender to illuminate the shot. ...more

Seven Sisters


This is a well-known viewpoint but it took me three years to get this shot with the setting sun in exactly the right position to cast dramatic shadows on the chalk cliffs, high tide reaching the base of the cliffs and calm water giving a pleasing reflection. ...more

Water Vole


Water voles are usually secretive animals, occasionally heard but rarely seen. Along Derbyshire's Cromford Canal, they seem to live a charmed life. This one grazed in full view with no concern for a telephoto lens pointing in his direction. ...more

Kimmeridge Bay


The day was overcast and unpromising. I was at Clavel Tower (top left in this image) when I saw a gap in the clouds through which a shaft of sunlight was falling out to sea. Anticipating that the light might fall on Kimmeridge Bay as the sun sank, I hurried down to the beach and found a location where the waves were drenching rocks with spray. Keeping the camera covered until the last moment, I was set up when the sun broke through and light reflected off the wet rocks, bringing the scene to life. ...more