Photography Tours

My tours are for enthusiasts who would like to take their outdoors photography to the next level, to make images of spectacular landscapes, iconic wildlife and dazzling night skies with guidance in the field. All tours are timed to coincide with the best seasonal, lighting and tidal conditions for photography. I will guide you directly to the best locations, explain the story behind the scenery and show you optimum camera settings. The programme on each tour includes comfortable hotel accommodation, full days’ programme of field visits from early in the morning until sunset, plus an evening/indoor programme based on local images, processing the group's photography during the tour and discussion of photographic techniques such as using filters, high dynamic range and making panoramas.

Outdoor photography can be productive in a wide variety of weather conditions and our itineraries will be flexible to make the best use of conditions. I take only small groups to ensure that all participants will benefit from personal tuition and the best shooting positions. Each tour aims to develop your photography, enhance your understanding of the natural world and ensure you return home with a portfolio of great images.

Glencoe and Skye<br>27 March to 3 April 2021
Glencoe and Skye
27 March to 3 April 2021
Cairngorms Birds and Mammals<br>4 to 9 April 2021
Cairngorms Birds and Mammals
4 to 9 April 2021
Mull's Otters and Eagles<br>12 to 17 April 2021
Mull's Otters and Eagles
12 to 17 April 2021
Secrets of the Wiltshire Landscape<br>30 April to 3 May 2021
Secrets of the Wiltshire Landscape
30 April to 3 May 2021
Bustards, Butterflies and Barn Owls<br>11 to 14 June 2021
Bustards, Butterflies and Barn Owls
11 to 14 June 2021
Northumberland Seabirds and Castles<br> 27 June to 1 July 2021
Northumberland Seabirds and Castles
27 June to 1 July 2021
Deserts of Namibia<br>16 August to 4 September 2021
Deserts of Namibia
16 August to 4 September 2021
Milky Way and Jurassic Coast<br>11 to 14 August 2021
Milky Way and Jurassic Coast
11 to 14 August 2021
Dartmoor Tors and Hidden Valleys<br>17 to 20 September 2021
Dartmoor Tors and Hidden Valleys
17 to 20 September 2021
Lake District in Autumn<br>25 to 29 October 2020<br>21 to 25 October 2021
Lake District in Autumn
25 to 29 October 2020
21 to 25 October 2021
    Jurassic Coast<br>18 to 21 December 2021
Jurassic Coast
18 to 21 December 2021
Astrophotography Evenings<br>Various Dates
Astrophotography Evenings
Various Dates


"Thanks for a fun few days down in Dorset, I really enjoyed it ... As always, I thought it was a well-rounded package, with good up-front information on what to expect and what was likely to be required photographically. The itinerary and the ability to change it to suit conditions I feel is one of your strong points and has always been something I’ve loved about your trips." PP, Hampshire, Milky Way and Jurassic Coast

"• Excellent organisation to take full advantage of the time available.
• Excellent locations providing variety in capturing the Milky Way.
• Lovely hotel - food excellent and very comfortable accommodation.
• Help and advice available throughout on location and when completing computer work.
• Fortunate to have great dark skies for the duration and that was combined with some lovely sunset locations.
• Thank you for going well beyond what was expected in order for us to make our best attempts at successful astrophotography." LM, Staffordshire, Milky Way and Jurassic Coast

"Very good value ... You explaining how to use Sequator worked well for me. I enjoyed the fact the group were willing to share and help. A well thought out and interesting tour, the extra night was a very welcome bonus." RAH, Cheshire, Milky Way and Jurassic Coast

"Our second outing with Robert and once again his photo tour exceeded our expectations. We have had several trips to the lakes, but Robert’s knowledge of the area and detailed planning in terms of scenery, weather conditions and position of the sun during the day resulted in some of the best landscape images we have ever taken. Our measure of success is the number of images we would be happy to frame/share in our annual calendar and post on social media and on this trip we have been spoilt for choice on the number of great images taken." DP & KP, Berkshire, Autumn in the Lake District

"Variety of location types presenting different photographic approaches e.g. Long Exposures; Bracketing, Long Lens photography." JH, Essex, Autumn in the Lake District

"I learnt more about the controls on my camera. I learnt the advantage of using telephoto lenses in landscape photography. I further understood different ways of composing a shot, either by position (height and moving), using different lenses and perspective." RR, Hampshire, Autumn in the Lake District

"Robert was excellent at finding the right viewpoint for our compositions and he worked with us to make sure we made the best of them. He was very good at sharing his knowledge and in several instances, his tripod when it was easier than trying to set up our own or offering it to those of us who didn’t have one." CC, Bedfordshire, Jordan Photographic Discovery Tour

"Petra was a major highlight for me. I delighted in every minute of the visit over the two days. It was great to be at the Treasury at 6am. to capture it in early morning light. It was lovely to meet the Beduin overlooking the Treasury and I’m grateful to him for allowing us to photograph him ... The visit to the monastery in the afternoon was also particularly pleasing - especially hunting down an extra viewpoint to photograph from on a rocky outcrop. Well inspired by you Robert." KM, Devon, Jordan Photographic Discovery Tour

"Thanks for a great trip. I know you said tongue in cheek you couldn't teach me anything but you did." CC, Bedfordshire Jordan Photographic Discovery Tour

"It was a very well put together schedule, with a variety of different photographic opportunities. Robert is a superlative tour leader; he is wonderfully knowledgeable about both photography and the natural world. He is also very patient." JS, Cambridgeshire Northumberland Seabirds and Castles

"Thank you to you for guiding us and helping us improve our photography.
Of course the sublime weather helped, but reflecting on the trip last night once we got back we covered so much – the exclusive Lady Jayne trips were brilliant, the bottle-nosed dolphin sightings were special as were the otters. We may not have got the most award winning images of otters but what we enjoyed was watching them go about their daily business without seemingly a care in the world. The puffins and other birds were gorgeous on Lunga (another special place), and Staffa and Iona we will always remember. Other scenery was superb and you helped us see some of it through different perspectives – so thank you for that." CN, Sussex Mull's Otters and Eagles

"Loved every minute! I particularly liked the organisation which took the locations, tide times and weather into consideration - in fact I don’t think this could be improved upon ... The help given at each location was just right - options given, suggestions to composition ... I feel much more informed about the area from the point of history of the rock formations and how each can best be caught in a photograph ... This workshop exceeded my expectations and certainly developed my understanding of photography. Thank you so much Robert!" LM, Staffordshire Jurassic Coast

"Extremely well researched venues with attention to the weather forecast. The small group enabled Robert to give time to those needing guidance with their camera settings and composition. Being able to sit together at meal times. Theory sessions. It was fun!" LS, Oxfordshire, Autumn in the Lake District

"I was pleasantly surprised by the number of locations that we visited in the relatively short time the tour ran ... The group worked well together and there was good banter from the off. Assistance was available when required, but was not forced upon anyone. If you were happy to work unaided then you were free to do so." PP, Hampshire, Autumn in the Lake District

"Selection of precise locations; timing; space on minibus; advice on framing photos." VP, Wiltshire, Autumn in the Lake District

"The mixture of morning, day and evening activities worked well and clearly took into account the weather conditions … Robert was very enthusiastic and ensured we achieved our personal learning objectives." DJP, Berkshire, Dartmoor Tors and Hidden Valleys

“Seabirds on the Farne Islands. Overall very good. Trip leader Robert Harvey very helpful – good knowledge, very patient!” WC, Hampshire, Northumberland Seabirds and Castles

“Good tour leader, friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. And the location – the Farne Islands.” JH, Cambridgeshire, Northumberland Seabirds and Castles

“Excellent tour leader / photographer. Organisation provided many photo opportunities.” BG, Hampshire, Northumberland Seabirds and Castles

“Farne Islands were a wildlife photography dream – amazing.” SD, Dorset, Northumberland Seabirds and Castles

“My primary aim was to photograph birds in flight on the Farnes and gain some experience of landscape photography. This tour exceeded my expectations with the orchids on Lindisfarne being a bonus. Tour leader, Robert Harvey, showed us the best locations, and gave us advice on exposure and composition. He then left us to take our photographs but was always nearby if we wanted further advice. He encouraged us when our initial attempts were not always as successful as we had hoped.” JS, Glasgow, Northumberland Seabirds and Castles

"I have just recently returned from Robert's Cairngorm trip. It was an amazing trip. When I spoke with him about 2 years ago, I asked him what the percentage chance was of seeing the animals targeted for photography on this trip. He replied "almost 100%". He wasn't wrong. For the first time in my life I got to see Red Squirrel, Black Grouse (performing their Lek), Red Grouse (other than on the whisky bottle), Mountain Hare (both white winter coated and brown-ish (summer coated), Pine Marten and Ptarmigan. As if this was not enough we got fantastic opportunities to photograph these animals in wonderful snow settings (that was probably just good luck). The landscape photography we did was also spectacular. I can't recommend this holiday highly enough." KD, Devon, Cairngorms Birds and Mammals

"The trip leader, Robert Harvey, was wonderfully patient and I learned a lot about photography. The itinerary was also good and long enough to provide some flexibility if the weather wasn't suitable for a particular walk. The group itself was also a great feature - very friendly. For me the major thrill was seeing and photographing mountain hares ... A truly brilliant holiday. Robert was a great leader and we saw lots of wildlife." JT, Queensland, Cairngorms Birds and Mammals

"Robert has a wonderful knowledge of both photography and wildlife. He was very patient and helpful on the trip and when I contacted him beforehand with questions. He arranged things so we saw all the major birds and animals promised. I particularly liked the way he juggled the schedule to fit in with the weather and the fact the Saturday's activities were extended because we were all leaving late ... Robert's ability to quickly find appropriate manual camera settings is astounding. It was very helpful at the time when he called them out." JS, Cambridgeshire, Cairngorms Birds and Mammals

"I greatly enjoyed last week. It was a hugely rewarding experience – even if the price to pay was some aching muscles and sore joints, as a result of our packed-to-overflowing timetable. It was a real privilege to see and photograph so many iconic venues and to benefit from your meticulous planning with reference to sunrise, sunset, low and high tides et cetera. I would certainly endorse your comments about our congenial group and the fact that, despite the inevitable mix of photographic skills and our disparate backgrounds, we all bonded well and formed genuine friendships as a result – well done and thank you." HD, Wiltshire, Glencoe and Skye

"Good variety of locations; stunning scenery; hotels in good locations – good food and welcoming; great group of people, supporting each other and making it fun; itinerary was well planned for each day taking account of weather/light/tide conditions." CJ, Dorset, Glencoe and Skye

"I thought your planning, organisation and professionalism was first rate ... variety of the places we visited and therefore the images we took. e.g. beach, mountains, waterfalls; appreciating how light is so effective in photography at sunrise and at sunsets; personal tuition on tips and techniques in Landscape Photography ... it exceeded expectations". RR, Hampshire, Glencoe and Skye

"The whole trip was worth it for the two exceptional morning conditions at Loch Awe and The Storr." PO, Wiltshire, Glencoe and Skye

"A group of us from our local camera club have just enjoyed a superb weekend with Robert on the Jurassic Coast. It was an excellent tour itinerary and great value for money. Highly recommended!" JC, Northamptonshire, Jurassic Coast

"Thoroughly enjoyable trip, made better by the small number in the group under Robert's leadership and guidance." CJ, Dorset, Dartmoor Tors and Hidden Valleys

"This was very good value for money and Robert Harvey was a brilliant host, leader and provided very useful advice on the photography and worked very hard throughout the tour in assisting everyone. I enjoyed the walks especially the ones to the Tors and the night photography." SR, Avon, Dartmoor Tors and Hidden Valleys

"Excellent leader - very good photographic tuition and excellent knowledge of Dartmoor ... Robert managed a full and varied program covering all the itinerary where possible and substituting extras if not. I came away feeling I had learned a lot about photography and about Dartmoor." AB, Somerset, Dartmoor Tors and Hidden Valleys

"Venues visited were superbly researched and journeys to them well organised. This mini holiday was action packed and full on the go. A fabulous trip ... The leader was very pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable. He knew his stuff, had clearly researched locations and was generous in sharing his knowledge. HIs quality of leading the tour was excellent. I would travel with him again." KM, Devon, Dartmoor Tors and Hidden Valleys

"As must have been obvious, I (and I think all the other members of our group) very much enjoyed our photographic safari to Dartmoor over the past few days. We are very grateful to you for your help and tuition, and for the enormous amount of effort and hard work which goes into organising such a trip. In the world of photography – as in other disciplines – one never stops learning and therefore the opportunity to sample different techniques and approaches is invaluable. To do so in a remote, picturesque and little-known parts of beautiful Dartmoor made for an excellent experience ... I appreciated the chance to get to know you better – as well as to learn from you about specialist aspects of photography "outside my comfort zone": I am grateful." HD, Berkshire, Dartmoor Tors and Hidden Valleys

"It was great being part of a small group and our leader Robert Harvey gave us good guidance on camera settings which I found very helpful. He also organised our trips to the islands and was able to get our tickets/change dates when the NT closed an island. Island visits and cruises brilliant". GP, Sussex, Northumberland Sea Birds and Castles

"The tour leader knew the requirements of the party. The itinerary was flexible and we were kept advised regarding clothing and camera equipment to take with us. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Hotel was well located and food excellent" JH, Essex, Cairngorms Birds and Mammals

"A good trip which provided opportunities to take photos of iconic BRITISH species" JS, Cambridgeshire, Cairngorms Birds and Mammals

"This is the first photography holiday I have been on. I enjoyed the small group, individual tuition and look forward to taking part in another one next year" LS, Oxfordshire, Cairngorms Birds and Mammals

"Loved it - any other destinations planned?" FM, Kent, Cairngorms Birds and Mammals