Group Size: Maximum of 8 participants.

Recommended photographic equipment:
• Digital single lens reflex camera, ideally full-frame. A second camera body as a backup would be advisable.
• Lenses ranging from wide angle (16mm on full frame DSLR) through standard zoom (e.g. 24 to 70mm) to telephoto (at least 300mm focal length; up to 400mm or 500mm recommended). A fast wide angle lens (F/2 or lower) will be very useful for astrophotography, particularly the Milky Way. A fast telephoto lens (F/4 or lower) would be ideal for wildlife photography in low light forest conditions. A macro lens for invertebrates, geckos, small chameleons etc.
• Powerful flash unit (essential) for nocturnal forest wildlife (suggested Guide Number of 40 or above) and twin macro flash unit (optional) for macro photography.
• Sturdy tripod (essential for landscapes and astrophotography) and monopod (optional but useful for wildlife)
• Remote cable release
• Memory cards to store several thousand images
• Portable device to download and store images (e.g. laptop) and at least one backup drive.
• Sturdy shoes or hiking boots
• Head torch and hand torch
• Spare batteries and chargers for all the above.

Dates: Monday 22nd July - Saturday 10th August 2019. Start and end at London Heathrow.

20 day tour, cost: £7,795.

Included: Flights, transport, food and accommodation in Madagascar. We use good quality lodges and inns for this tour, selected for their proximity to our photography locations. Rooms are all en-suite.

Not included: drinks, personal items.

I run this tour in association with Naturetrek. A comprehensive itinerary can be downloaded and bookings can be made on their website.
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