My photography courses are operated in association with Lacock Photography, using their purpose-built training facilities at the birthplace of British photography in Lacock, Wiltshire. Courses are classroom based and include opportunities for hands-on experience, either in the field taking photographs or on the computer processing them. Each course is designed to develop your understanding of the subject, photographic techniques and to enhance your skills in planning, taking and post-processing. Group sizes are a maximum of six and your active participation is warmly encouraged.

Astrophotography Workshop<br>22 September 2023
Astrophotography Workshop
22 September 2023
Astrophotography Evenings<br>Dates advised at short notice
Astrophotography Evenings
Dates advised at short notice
Landscape Fundamentals<br>27 and 28 April 2023<br>7 and 8 October 2023
Landscape Fundamentals
27 and 28 April 2023
7 and 8 October 2023
Landscape Masterclass<br>1 December 2023
Landscape Masterclass
1 December 2023


"Thank you so much for processing this image - the difference is quite striking - and for a fantastic course which I shall be highly recommending to anyone interested in this genre." LT, Hertfordshire, Wildlife Photography

"Many thanks Robert, thoroughly enjoyed your course and indeed, hope to see you on a tour before too long." CS, Dorset, Landscape Masterclass

"Thank you very much for this complete and compelling Landscape Course, leading us all over the world and trough all weathers and seasons. It was a fantastic learning for me and gives me a guideline for my future landscape photography." LW, Switzerland, Landscape Masterclass

"Thanks Robert, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to a non-virtual meeting in Glasgow soon." DM, Worcestershire, Landscape Masterclass

"Thank you for a very inspiring and informative workshop. Lots to absorb and I look forward to putting the ideas into practice." AC, Gloucestershire, Landscape Masterclass

"Thank you for a quite outstanding day’s tutelage today, it was so informative, useful and interesting. So, you will not be surprised that I have now enrolled on the advanced course. Astro is likely to follow in due course. Your tours do look interesting and so will look at those closely." CS, Dorset, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"I really enjoyed yesterdays session, many thanks for your excellent presentation style and content." DM, Western Isles, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Many thanks for a wonderful course, I certainly learnt a great deal and look forward to putting what I have learnt into practice. JJR, Kent, Landscape Astrophotography

"Thank you very much for all the knowledge you shared so generously today. Very much enjoyed it all and learnt so much! My head is buzzing with ideas for shoots & projects." KT, Highland, Landscape Astrophotography

"Thank you very much for another brilliant workshop! I very much appreciate your precision and attention to detail in those workshops." MQ, Switzerland, Landscape Astrophotography

"Thank you so much for such an inspiring masterclass. I enjoyed it so much and I am really hoping that with your way of looking at things I can improve. Photography is like any other subject as there is so much to learn in terms of the technicalities of taking the image itself but then the knowledge of the weather and tides etc ... Thanks again for being such an inspirational teacher." ER, London, Landscape Masterclass

"Thanks for the first part of the course, which I found very enjoyable and useful. The content is brought alive by the breadth and variety of your wonderful images. I wonder how many other teachers would be able to call upon so many examples taken over periods of many years and they really work to illustrate the points you are putting across. They are also simply wonderful to admire and the exceptionally high standard of photography in general also elevates the content of the course in my opinion, along with the scientific approach you apply to understanding the natural environment." MG, Devon, Landscape Masterclass

"Your Landscape Masterclass course was excellent. You explain points very well. Also your teaching style was very interactive so all the participants were very engaged, and I learnt quite a lot from their comments as well. Overall I really enjoyed it." RM, Oxfordshire, Landscape Masterclass

"I just wanted to also say how much I enjoyed the course and not for one minute during the day did my mind wander. It was such a good day and full of practical and technical information. As you know, I am a beginner. We have been studying landscape photography on my Level 1 course at the moment so I was much more inspired with my composition armed with your advice and my leading lines now actually lead somewhere!" ER, London, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"There is so much you have taken us through and I enjoyed both workshops greatly. It will be of lasting value and I look forward to getting my head round it all. It's difficult, in some ways, as a result, to express how strongly I appreciate the value of these workshops. I think it has been a tremendous experience so even at this early stage - before being capable of putting it all into effect - I'm absolutely sure it will be a constant companion. You are very generous in sharing your experience and hints as well as creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere with an interesting and friendly group. The combination of the workshops with your book is excellent. The book is good quality, as well as being full of information, and is very good value. Overall I praise yourself and the RPS for making this workshop available at a very reasonable cost and can recommend it wholeheartedly." FA, Middlesborough, Landscape Masterclass

"Just want to say a huge thank you for this workshop. Both sessions were really informative. I enjoyed the structure and format and your book helpfully compliments the topics covered, meaning that the learning will continue beyond the workshop. I very much appreciated the range and breadth of topics, locations, techniques and above all your generosity in sharing your extensive knowledge. By far the best photography workshop I have attended." MW, Herefordshire, Landscape Masterclass

"Thank you for a truly fascinating, informative and engaging workshop today. I learned more than I bargained for and have a lot to process. I have attended many workshops in my time and I found yours to be one of the clearest and well presented . The way that you engage the participants in the process is a really effective way of improving the learning experience ... I will definitely want to join your masterclass workshop at some time in the future, once I have processed and practice the approaches and techniques that I learnt today." GR, Cornwall, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"I found your Landscape Fundamentals Course very informative and motivating and I will be actively producing some images over the weekend and beyond. The course was very well structured and has prompted me to look further into areas such as hyperfocal focussing and panoramas. Once I have had some practice, I will enrol for your Master Class. AL, Highland, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Many thanks for such a great course today. An abundance of thought-provoking as well as practically useful content which was very nicely illustrated and really well delivered. BL, London, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Many thanks again for yesterday's workshop which was very engaging and informative. Your feedback was very helpful and I will work to improve my photographs over the coming weeks and months. Your previous workshops and your wonderful book provide me with an excellent learning platform to go forward with. I really have learned a lot and I look forward to putting this into practice." CB, Midlothian, Landscape Masterclass

"Your Masterclass 1-3 was excellent - very informative across a range of details which are helpful to give careful consideration when planning landscape photos." AW, Guernsey, Landscape Masterclass

"Thank you for putting together the well structured course. It was really useful having your critique on the images given by us all yesterday. I found a lot from your introduction and support through the 2 days studying landscape photography and look forward to reading and referring back to the book of yours which supports and embellishes the course." DW, Sussex, Landscape Masterclass

"Thank you for a most enjoyable, excellent and informative course today on Astrophotography. I now feel well equipped, much more informed, confident and better placed to go out and develop my skills capturing the night skies. I have just purchased your book to support today’s course and put my name forward for one of this year’s Milky Way workshops should a space become available." PG, Devon, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Another excellent workshop delivered by someone who clearly knew about their subject and could bring extensive experience to the day. All the key points were well illustrated with excellent photos." AW, Guernsey, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Many thanks again for a thoroughly interesting course yesterday. You certainly covered a huge amount in the time available. We are so lucky to have some amazing landscapes across Britain and I enjoyed seeing some of my favourite places included in your images ... I have also signed up for your upcoming Masterclass workshops and I look forward to seeing you again soon." CB, Midlothian, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Many, many thanks for today. It really was a game-changing class and I felt like I was sitting at the feet of a master. Really inspirational stuff
I was already booked on the Master Class, have joined your mailing list, applied to join the FB group and will order the book as soon as I get the introductory offer email.... Will be trying panoramas, focus stacking, planning light and location, AEBs, and your various tips on composition and lighting. Huge thanks once again for a truly great workshop." PB, Essex, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Excellent from beginning to end." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"The workshop was excellent and in particular the way in which participants were able to interact with the host." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"The course was well presented, interesting and informative, well structured and delivered at a good pace." Royal Photographic Society member, Wildlife Photography Course

"The final interactive task of critiquing Robert's work was an excellent approach to engage more deeply with the audience and a very helpful way of learning." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Masterclass

"The course was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone interested in improving their landscape photography." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"This was a very well organised and run workshop with lots of interaction and encouragement between the tutor and participants." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Enjoyable, inspirational and very instructive." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Masterclass

"The quality of this course and in particular Robert Harvey. His knowledge, delivery and materials are excellent and his ability to both motivate and include all participants, check learning and feedback to individuals is quite exceptional considering it is being delivered over zoom. I quite forgot that I was not in a real classroom!" Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Masterclass

"Yes, very enjoyable, I was reticent in booking a zoom workshop as I didn't want to just sit and watch, but Robert made it very interactive, and this worked really well with a small number of participants." Royal Photographic Society member, Wildlife Photography Course

"The workshop was excellent and very well delivered." Royal Photographic Society member, Wildlife Photography Course

"You have really opened my eyes with respect to landscape and astro-photography, especially the tools needed and the techniques - so thank you ... I now have helicon focus, starry landscape stacker (this week), a re-chargeable LEDLENSER, Photopills, a timer-remote - and now appreciate the criticality of recce and planning. Also, your points of going after “original” pictures both from the location and viewpoint perspective has really sunk in, and this very much adds to the challenge and enjoyment." JM, Surrey, Landscape Masterclass

"Thank you Robert. I really enjoyed the workshop ... I think you have a different take on landscape photography with your scientific background which I found really illuminating." JH, Yorkshire, Landscape Masterclass

"Thank you for sharing your images, knowledge and experience with us, and for putting so much time and energy into the preparation for this course. I thoroughly enjoyed both days, and came away with lots of things to think about and useful pointers." CK, Sussex, Wildlife Photography Course

"Thank you so much for an incredible day, I would not have thought it possible to take such wonderful images. Thank you also for the course notes and the settings for noctilucent clouds. I would like to sign up for your mailing list to receive a newsletter. I would also like to buy your book and attend one your tours which I will arrange through your website." DM, Northumberland, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Thank you, Robert. It was an excellent workshop. You are extremely knowledgeable and I learnt a lot. I’m inspired to try some astrophotography." DB, London, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"The workshop has been fascinating and I've learned more about preparation that I thought could be possible - thank you! I'm now looking forward to the end of lockdown, and being able to head over to the coast on carefully planned trips to maximise the opportunity for good images. I've also signed up for your one-day astrophotography workshop in April."
EB, Suffolk, Landscape Masterclass

"All much appreciated, and I learnt a lot from the two sessions of the Masterclass – plenty there to keep me busy planning for better shots…" SB, Cumbria, Landscape Masterclass

"I enjoyed participating in your Landscape photography workshops and will get a copy of your book when it is published." FS, Sussex, Online Landscape Fundamentals Course and Landscape Masterclass

"Thanks Robert for a very useful and enjoyable day. I have already started to train myself to move the focus point without taking my eye off the viewfinder and am now experimenting with M settings. Off this afternoon to my local wetlands to see if I can actually get any decent results!" BT, Kent, Wildlife Photography Course

"Thanks for a very good and informative day. The content was interesting and informative, full of advice and new ways of doing things, for me at any rate, which I am hopeful will help me get better results in the future. I look forward to the next session. The content was excellent with both technically and aesthetically - the pictures were marvellous. I was really impressed by the way you encouraged and got participation from the audience. It made the day fly by. The pace was fine. I thought the discussion on the ethics was useful and a necessary adjunct to the syllabus and something that could have been so easily overlooked. It is an issue that is obviously worth debating." TR, Yorkshire, Wildlife Photography Course

"Thank you for the course today I enjoyed it very much and will put some of your pointers into practice .Having a 5dmark 3 and 7d mark2 I now realise I could achieve images like yours. Looking forward to the next session." PB, Cheshire, Wildlife Photography Course

"Robert Harvey proved to be an excellent tutor with a deep knowledge of photography and his wildlife subjects. On the strength of this workshop, I have booked a place on his next available course (Landscape Astrophotography)". PH, Oxfordshire, Wildlife Photography Course

"Thank you for a first rate course. You have inspired me to get out and photograph nature in our garden and on the Parkland we are creating which has a plantation and pond already. Looking forward to meeting up again." AM, Lancashire, Wildlife Photography Course

"This course was very well crafted. Plenty of interaction, superb and informative content. Just a great course." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"It was a well structured session with articulated learning objectives. Participants were encouraged to contribute." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"I thoroughly enjoyed the RPS Landscape Astrophotography Course I followed on Thursday. I learnt a great deal and enjoyed it enormously. Robert certainly did his best to encourage us all to take part. I felt it was very well run." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"It was a very enjoyable workshop, well thought out and presented." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Very comprehensive and interesting workshop, I learnt a lot and it will give me the confidence to try.." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Thank you for an excellent course yesterday. I've done a number of online courses with the RPS and other but yours was by far the best. I came way with lots of insights, new techniques and renewed confidence in my skills. I have immediately signed up for your MasterClass." NB, Worcestershire, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Many thanks for an informative and enjoyable "workshop" yesterday and for the course notes. I thought you covered a good range of subjects and liked the way you encouraged all the participants to comment / answer your questions." DR, Kent, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Thank you for an absolutely brilliant workshop today. I was very nervous of joining as I know I am just starting out with photography . You made the workshop so informative and inclusive for all levels and your photographs were so inspiring. You really made sure we all felt fully part of the discussions and appreciated everything we all had to offer in our responses ... I hope to join you for more workshops in the future. Huge thanks again for a fantastic workshop and for being so generous with all your knowledge". LT, Cumbria, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Thank you for today’s course which I really enjoyed. You clearly spent a lot of time preparing the slides and planning the sessions. The opportunity, and indeed encouragement, for us to comment and give our views was useful and provoked much thought. Listening to others and focusing my own opinions has helped me to understand the landscape photography I appreciate (and that which doesn’t move me so much), what I try to achieve in my own work and why. To this end, it was an extremely beneficial course. I also learnt a great deal, revised information and consolidated techniques ... I am just starting to put together work for the ARPS and am wondering whether the Masterclass may in some way help in this on-gong project." RH, Gloucestershire, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Brilliant, Thanks Robert that was really informative…gosh you have stamina!". MH, Bristol, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"I would like to say Robert was excellent. His skills, knowledge and experience were fantastic. The course was very good indeed." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"SUPERB workshop and very very good teacher. Nothing I would change." Royal Photographic Society member, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Thanks Robert for the very useful workshop, I enjoyed it and may I add very good clear delivery." NA, London, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Thankyou for what was an excellent course Robert. Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from you in a short time. I have ordered your book, am looking forward to reading it. And signed up to your Facebook group!" CP, Leicestershire, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and experience Robert. I feel much more confident now in going out and trying to photograph at night." SR, Italy, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course yesterday. I covered exactly the stuff that I was looking for and I am very excited now to get out and put the theory into practice, especially with regards to taking the moon and moonlit landscapes and the conjunction later this month." LJ, Cornwall, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Thank you so very much for a fantastic workshop. It was inspiring and informative. Your photographs are really fantastic. I now have to put everything into practice. I will get a copy of your book." PL, Sweden, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"The workshop yesterday was excellent – it enabled me to connect up the random and incomplete pieces of knowledge I’ve gleaned through experience over the years and see them as a coherent whole, resulting in greatly increased understanding ... It was also a very enjoyable day, helped hugely by your teaching style and the level of participation that you encouraged throughout. Thank you! I’ve signed up for the Masterclass." SB, Cumbria, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed today's course, it was excellent. Your passion and knowledge of landscape photography was both infectious and inspirational. Time in the outdoors is important to me but you have taken me to another level of appreciation; encouraging me to see and consider elements in landscape photography more thoroughly. Quite an achievement through a virtual classroom!" BD, Lancashire, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Thank you Robert for today's very enjoyable workshop. We seemed to have a good group with interesting participation. I am glad that I have already signed up for your follow on workshop in February." FS, Sussex, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"I enjoyed your images and thought it very good teaching to include ones that illustrated poorer aspects of photography as well as good examples. It was also very good practice to give resumes at each stage. Very well done." KG, Nottinghamshire, Landscape Fundamentals Course

"Many thanks for a most enjoyable and informative talk you gave on your astrophotography lesson. I am looking very much to joining you on future lessons." GB, Ashford, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"I did so enjoy your Landscape Fundamentals course! I learnt a huge amount and it has given me so much to think about and observe when planning and then taking a landscape photograph. The course has really has transformed my approach and I am enjoying being able to take things forward with much more confidence. I have certainly made 'better friends' with my wide angle lens- at last! All this of being learnt whilst being spellbound by your wonderful pictures! I also really enjoyed learning the 'science behind' things- from snippets of geology, geography and physics (and also a spot of history and botany thrown it!) I find it helps so much to be able to remember things and also to work things out if one has in mind some essential 'basic principles.' A much needed refresher for my rather rusty (and scanty!) knowledge. So thank you very much indeed for a hugely informative and enjoyable course! I was unable to obtain a place on your Landscape Masterclass series next week- so will keep a look-out for when you might run it again. Hopefully I will be able to get on it then!" CR, Wiltshire, Landscape Fundamentals Workshop

"Really enjoyed the Landscape Fundamentals course and have a much clearer understanding now of what is likely to make a good landscape photograph. Look forward to putting theory into practice over the next few months." GM, Bath, Landscape Fundamentals Workshop

"A fantastic course which gave an insight not only into photography but also the astronomy. I feel so much more confident photographing the night sky and now have a greater understanding of what I’m looking at! Robert was an excellent tutor whose knowledge of both photography and astronomy was phenomenal, along with giving examples of his outstanding work and how his photographs were achieved." LS, Wiltshire, Astrophotography Workshop

"Very good course, it was interesting and we were shown some excellent photos taken by our tutor Robert. He came over as very knowledgeable and very passionate about his subject, which kept me focused throughout the course. And I ordered his book this morning. I think it worked well over the three 2 hour online sessions, as it gave my brain as chance to absorb all the information I had taken in. I would be happy to do another online photography course in the future." DC, Wiltshire, Astrophotography Workshop

"Really enjoyed the Online Astrophotography Workshop from Lacock Photography. The three, two hour sessions were fascinating and full of useful information. Robert is an excellent tutor and really knows his stuff. The virtual classroom platform worked really well." CG, Gloucestershire, Astrophotography Workshop

“Just wanted to thank you very much for a great afternoon and evening. Really enjoyed the course and hopefully I can put all your advice and instruction into good use. Very excited to be able to take amazing photos of the stars." RW, Wiltshire, Astrophotography Workshop

"I learned heaps from this course. The weather was rubbish so we didn't have the practical session but it really did not matter one bit! Robert was excellent and gave time to each of us when we needed it. Having a group six is genius because everyone is relaxed and is able to extricate what they need from the tutor. Brilliant course - and we all bought his book!
The organisation and catering was also excellent. Its a nice environment to learn in." PJ, Somerset, Astrophotography Workshop

"Thanks for a great time. Will post a couple of my images soon & would love to know what you think of them." LC, London Astrophotography Workshop

"A wonderful and practical introduction to astrophotography with a tutor who generously shares his knowledge. Great hosts to boot with delicious food provided. Thank you." MB, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Excellent tuition by Robert Harvey in a fine venue. The organisers were very hospitable and I would highly recommend this course. We covered the main topics in astrophotography in about 5 hours clear and well-illustrated tuition." KM, Devon, Landscape Astrophotography Course