My photography courses are operated in association with Lacock Photography, using their purpose-built training facilities at the birthplace of British photography in Lacock, Wiltshire. Courses are classroom based and include opportunities for hands-on experience, either in the field taking photographs or on the computer processing them. Each course is designed to develop your understanding of the subject, photographic techniques and to enhance your skills in planning, taking and post-processing. Group sizes are a maximum of six and your active participation is warmly encouraged.

Astrophotography Workshop<br>25 March 2021<br>15 September 2021
Astrophotography Workshop
25 March 2021
15 September 2021
Landscape Fundamentals<br>5 and 6 May 2021<br>27 and 28 October 2021
Landscape Fundamentals
5 and 6 May 2021
27 and 28 October 2021
Landscape Masterclass<br>2 and 3 June 2021<br>27 and 28 November 2021
Landscape Masterclass
2 and 3 June 2021
27 and 28 November 2021


"Many thanks for a most enjoyable and informative talk you gave on your astrophotography lesson. I am looking very much to joining you on future lessons." GB, Ashford, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"I did so enjoy your Landscape Fundamentals course! I learnt a huge amount and it has given me so much to think about and observe when planning and then taking a landscape photograph. The course has really has transformed my approach and I am enjoying being able to take things forward with much more confidence. I have certainly made 'better friends' with my wide angle lens- at last! All this of being learnt whilst being spellbound by your wonderful pictures! I also really enjoyed learning the 'science behind' things- from snippets of geology, geography and physics (and also a spot of history and botany thrown it!) I find it helps so much to be able to remember things and also to work things out if one has in mind some essential 'basic principles.' A much needed refresher for my rather rusty (and scanty!) knowledge. So thank you very much indeed for a hugely informative and enjoyable course! I was unable to obtain a place on your Landscape Masterclass series next week- so will keep a look-out for when you might run it again. Hopefully I will be able to get on it then!" CR, Wiltshire, Online Landscape Fundamentals Workshop

"Really enjoyed the Landscape Fundamentals course and have a much clearer understanding now of what is likely to make a good landscape photograph. Look forward to putting theory into practice over the next few months." GM, Bath, Online Landscape Fundamentals Workshop

"A fantastic course which gave an insight not only into photography but also the astronomy. I feel so much more confident photographing the night sky and now have a greater understanding of what I’m looking at! Robert was an excellent tutor whose knowledge of both photography and astronomy was phenomenal, along with giving examples of his outstanding work and how his photographs were achieved." LS, Wiltshire, Online Astrophotography Workshop

"Very good course, it was interesting and we were shown some excellent photos taken by our tutor Robert. He came over as very knowledgeable and very passionate about his subject, which kept me focused throughout the course. And I ordered his book this morning. I think it worked well over the three 2 hour online sessions, as it gave my brain as chance to absorb all the information I had taken in. I would be happy to do another online photography course in the future." DC, Wiltshire, Online Astrophotography Workshop

"Really enjoyed the Online Astrophotography Workshop from Lacock Photography. The three, two hour sessions were fascinating and full of useful information. Robert is an excellent tutor and really knows his stuff. The virtual classroom platform worked really well." CG, Gloucestershire, Online Astrophotography Workshop

“Just wanted to thank you very much for a great afternoon and evening. Really enjoyed the course and hopefully I can put all your advice and instruction into good use. Very excited to be able to take amazing photos of the stars." RW, Wiltshire, Astrophotography Workshop

"I learned heaps from this course. The weather was rubbish so we didn't have the practical session but it really did not matter one bit! Robert was excellent and gave time to each of us when we needed it. Having a group six is genius because everyone is relaxed and is able to extricate what they need from the tutor. Brilliant course - and we all bought his book!
The organisation and catering was also excellent. Its a nice environment to learn in." PJ, Somerset, Astrophotography Workshop

"Thanks for a great time. Will post a couple of my images soon & would love to know what you think of them." LC, London Astrophotography Workshop

"A wonderful and practical introduction to astrophotography with a tutor who generously shares his knowledge. Great hosts to boot with delicious food provided. Thank you." MB, Landscape Astrophotography Course

"Excellent tuition by Robert Harvey in a fine venue. The organisers were very hospitable and I would highly recommend this course. We covered the main topics in astrophotography in about 5 hours clear and well-illustrated tuition." KM, Devon, Landscape Astrophotography Course